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We have expertise across multiple DeFi protocols, layer one solutions, marketplaces, and more.

Vidma focuses on ethereum virtual machine (EVM) ecosystems such as:

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Our Key Security Services

Vidma specialists provide a range of security services to ensure the reputation and prosperity of your project. Safety comes first! Chose the service that suits your needs.

Smart Contract Audits

A Smart Contract Audit is required if you are about to release new product functionality, list your token on an exchange, or are ready to initiate a fundraising campaign. Our auditors will do a through review to certify your code. Your community, investors and partners can be confident the codebase is ready to provide safe operations and use.

Ongoing Code Review

Best match for projects in the active development stage and want to get cost and workflow optimization in sync with their development team. We are on call to review each significant change in your codebase and are charging for the amount of lines changed! Security services have never been easier or cheaper!

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing will ensure that your environment is not vulnerable to various types of hacks and attacks. It is a "must" for wallets, exchanges, launchpads, marketplaces and other applications or platforms with rich interfaces and a high volume of funds flowing through the system or application.

Our History Contributing To Your Safety

Back in 2019, we conducted our first smart contract audit. For the first 105 audits, our security experts worked under the brands of two partner companies. In 2022, after perfecting our expertise, Vidma was formed- we've done over 130 audits and counting.

Thanks to our professional team, techniques, and methods, we've managed to reveal plenty of security and operational issues with different severity levels. We've saved a day for a lot of projects and are proud to be ongoing security partners for many of them.

Below we've tracked the number of issues our team has found on all past projects.

Total amount of audits
Companies we worked with
Total issues found

Our latest smart contract Audits

They apply systems thinking to dynamically map out the influencing factors for each project. They establish relationships with partners who create added value and bring together the public and private sectors. They create cross-industry links for knowledge flows. They apply values that reinforce each other: socio-cultural value, experimental value, technical value, and economical value.

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Credit Unions, Cooperatives, and Individuals anywhere in the world can now earn higher interests in stable currencies on their savings.

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May 21, 2024

Gaming L1 with a large library games (Mobile & PC) generating revenue from advertisements and micro transactions. Token utility includes gas fees and NFT purchase currency for all our games.

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December 6, 2023

Credit Unions, Cooperatives, and Individuals anywhere in the world can now earn higher interests in stable currencies on their savings.

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Our documents

These whitepapers dive deep into advanced security practices to fortify your decentralised applications.

Our documents

This whitepaper dives deep into advanced security practices to fortify your decentralized applications

Recent Hacks in blockchain world

Crypto Bugs and Exploits
Mirror Protocol
May 28, 2022

On May 28th the exploit of Mirror Protocol has drained around $2M. Turns out it was not the only and not the first hack of the protocol.

In October 2021, Mirror Protocol faced a $90M exploit which went unnoticed until last week.

$90M + $2M
May 8, 2022

The price submit() function was publicly callable, which made the protocol's price oracle was vulnerable.

The attacker was able to drain all assets from the platform using just 100 FTS (~4.5$ at pre-hack prices) as collateral.

Attacker’s address - 0xA6AF2872176320015f8ddB2ba013B38Cb35d22Ad

Mad Meerkat Finance
May 4, 2022

Front-end side of the project was exploited. In the result, users swapping, adding or removing liquidity on the protocol had the output funds redirected straight into the attacker’s wallet.

It lasted around 3 hours, until the project team shut down the front-end. In discord they stated not to do anything with the website at that time.

" site was the subject of a DNS attack earlier where an attacker managed to inject a malicious contract address into the frontend code. Attacker used a DNS vulnerability to modify the router contract address in our hosted files." - stated Mad Meerkat Finance team.

Attacker’s address:

Crypto Bugs and Exploits
The stolen ETH was sent to Tornado Cash and the address has been inactive since Jan-18-2022 01:21:13 AM +UTC. The hacker bypassed existing 2FA, they bypassed the withdrawal whitelist, could this attack really have come from outside?
10,444 BTC

Notable Crypto Bugs And Exploits in 2019 – 2024

An estimated $21 billion was lost through crypto bugs and hacks during 2019 – 2024

Cryptopia Hack: $16M
CoinBene Hack: $105M
Bitpoint Hack: $16M
Binance Hack: $40M
Meerkat Finance: $32M
Paid Network: $27M
Roll: $5.7M
EasyFi: $59M
Uranium Finance: $57.2M
Compound: $147M
Vee Finance: $34M
DAO Maker: $4M
Poly Network: $611M
Popsicle Finance: $20M
Cream Finance: $18M
Punk Protocol: $8.95M
Xtoken: $4.5M
THORChain: $13M
Anyswap: $7.9M
Bondly: $5.9M
ChainSwap: $4.4M
Cream Finance/Alpha
Finance: $37.5M
Furucombo: $14M
Yearn: $11M
Meerkat Finance: $32M
Paid Network: $27M
Roll: $5.7M
EasyFi: $59M
Uranium Finance: $57.2M
PancakeBunny: $45M
Spartan Protocol: $30.5M
Xtoken: $24M
bEarn: $18M
Value DeFi: $21M
Rari Capital: $10M
StableMagnet: $27M
Alchemix: $6.5M
Eleven Finance: $4.5M
THORChain: $13M
Anyswap: $7.9M
Bondly: $5.9M
ChainSwap: $4.4M
Compound: $147M
Vee Finance: $34M
DAO Maker: $4M
Poly Network: $611M
Popsicle Finance: $20M
Cream Finance: $18M
Punk Protocol: $8.95M
Xtoken: $4.5M
Cream Finance: $130M
Indexed Finance: $16M
BitMart: $196M
Badgerr: $120M
Ascendex: $77.7M
Grim Finance: $30M
Visor Finance: $8.2M
bZx: $55M
MonoX: $31.4M
Snowdog: $18.1M

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