We attack to protect!

We evaluate the security of your blockchain project or application by conducting a deep cybersecurity attacks. Get a detailed report on security check with Vidma penetration testing!

Lack of Penetration test is a problem

The possibility that the hacker can gain full control of your blockchain infrastructure is extremely likely if you don’t undertake vulnerability assessments and penetration testing before the release. It’s vital to run a proper security procedure in order to reveal the possible exploits and mitigate the chance to face them.

Recent state on the market shows that plenty of companies neglect the penetration tests of their applications due to budget-saving, timeline pace maintenance, and lack of security awareness. Due to these factors, data breaches and cyber attacks are becoming a new norm.

Will Penetration Testing make a difference to security?

Penetration testing is done by conducting a various manual and automated techniques to simulate an attack on the blockchain project’s information systems and infrastructure. Vidma in-house ethical hackers are trying to break into the core of your project system and reveal all possible types of vulnerabilities before an actual attacker will find and conduct them.
The security expert carries out an active analysis of the target system to identify all the potential threats that are caused due to improper system configuration, system infrastructure flaws or operational incompetency.
Vidma security team, equipped with the latest tools and industry-specific test scenarios in order to provide you a world-class security back up.

Penetration testing stages

Penetration testing process is focused on breaching the blockchain application and it’s system parts to detect vulnerabilities and threats.
The process and methodology usually includes five phases, combination of which helps decently investigate the tested environment and find all security loopholes.
Planning & Reconnaissance
Gaining Access or Exploitation
Maintaining Access
Analysis & Reporting

Penetration testing Approaches

Following industry accepted methodologies, we suggest one out of three approaches to penetration testing. If you are not sure which approach suits your need, don’t hesitate to book a meeting with our security team. We will advise and guide you through the process!
The internal workings of the applications are not required
The tester has full knowledge of internal workings of the application
Somewhat knowledge of the internal workings is known

Sample of the Penetration Testing Report

Click on the audit report above to check on how the final report looks like.

Penetration Testing is easier with
Vidma Experts

Vidma Security team becomes your guide through the process and will help to achieve a desired security and trust level. Choosing us you will get the following benefits:
Step 1

Time-efficiend and transparent security test

Step 2

You will chose if we should publish and promote your report on our social media channels or if we should keep it private

Step 3

Beutiful designed pdf. report which can be presented with proud to your stakeholders, community and investors

Step 4

Expertise of best penetration testers on the market with years of experience behind their back

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