Security process must be ongoing.
One-time check approach is a no-go

With our revolutionary approach, we are more flexible than ever! Experience the ongoing code review and check how the security level of your codebase enhance. No reason to wait for the final code, let’s find the exploits right on the spot!

Ongoing Security Review  that matters

Dreamed about hiring a professional auditor for your in-house team? Dreams come to reality. With the Ongoing Code Review Service, we integrate one of our auditors into your project so that he is working hand in hand with your in-house development team.

Development and security review becomes an ongoing process. The auditor will come right at the time you need him and for the timeline you need him. You are fully backed up by a Vidma security auditor!

How it works?

The Ongoing Code Review service has a totally different approach to code reviewing compared to the other security services and their methodologies. This enhanced approach will provide the desired level of flexibility that is vital during the development life cycle. In the diagram below the process of one review cycle is explained.

You will get a 10% discount on any other security services with the active subscription to the Ongoing Code Review!

Security Services have never been as affordable as now!

Transparency is a key! You can estimate the price of the review yourself by counting the number of changed lines in each commit!

500 lines of code
$8.5 / line
1,000 lines of code
$7.5 / line
Best Option
1,500 lines of code
$6.5 / line
2,000 lines of code
$6 / line

Benefits Guaranteed by subscription!

Frequent changes to your contract? No worries about that! Every change is tracked and reviewed by three aspects: security, operational behavior, and optimization.
A new commit means a new security report! With the Ongoing code review service, you will get a detailed security check of each commit in your codebase.
Came to the point where the Smart Contract Audit is needed? We provide a 10$ discount for all Smart Contracts during the subscription period.
Just Imagine that you hire an auditor who is integrated into your project! It’s not a dream but a real case. Our auditor will go with you hand by hand during the whole development process and will review each and every change in the contract.
Lines are counted, not the time spent! We are charging per line of code change. Hence, every couple of lines added to the commit will cost just a couple of dollars. The cheaper price for a security review does not exist.

Use Cases

Long-term development process with frequent releases.
Lack of in-house development team (using the help of freelancers or temporarily hired developers).
If security matters to your project and you would love to get a spare eye on each and every commit.
If you have no option of internal cross review (if you have only one solidity developer in the team that means nobody can check his PRs and no chances for a double check).

Sample of the Ongoing Code Review

Click on the audit report above to check on how the final report looks like.

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