We are the security partner That has you covered

Once you meet our team, you'll realize we are not just a vendor for a one-time codebase review, but a whole team of allies who will always have your back.

You develop, we check, and secure. Simply as that.

OUr Company story

We are an international security team from Ukraine with a head office in the USA. Our country has plenty of talented hackers recruited on the good side to make sure your smart contracts are safe and fully operational. We are associated with a well established ecosystem of blockchain companies including venture builder and accelerator, Applicature.

To See Through

The name Vidma is a Ukrainian word for the witch. The root of the word means "to see through", to know something that others don’t know. This has affinity to transcendentalism that has evolved over centuries into the notion of the "noosphere", as developed by the famous Ukrainian physicist Volodymyr Vernadsky. But that's getting a bit deep!

Diversity & Female Inclusion

We embrace diversity and are actively promoting higher female representation in the crypto industry. We encourage and give extra incentives to junior female crypto specialists to join us. Women comprise about 50% of our team.

Ukrainian Engineering Culture

Most of our team members are from Ukraine which is known for its strong engineering, cryptographic, and cybersecurity culture. Vidma's branding was inspired by the evolution of our culture where strict geometry forms blend with symbols from nature creating bright visually intensive allusions.

Our business team

Ian Arden

Ian is a serial entrepreneur in the blockchain space with an extensive background founding and accelerating a portfolio of companies, and providing client development and advisory services through his acceleration firm, Applicature. In 2021 he founded Vidma after previously serving as Head of Blockchain Security for audit company, Zoyko. Ian’s list of companies he’s founded includes blockchain startup funding platform, milestoneBased, Crypto VC firm, Mempool Ventures, and Venture Studio, Supercolony

Roxy Zakharuk

Roxy has extensive experience setting up operational frameworks and contributing to the operational growth management of blockchain companies at various stages. She has held multiple operations, coordination, project management, advisor, and sales roles for emerging companies. She is also COO of blockchain development and acceleration firm, Applicature,and its portfolio companies Vidma, Mempool Ventures and milestoneBased.

Mykola Kovach

Mykola has worked in creative design for most of his career holding roles such as design lead, UX/UI specialist, product designer, and founder of his own company. He is known for setting the bar for great design. He leads the design team for Vidma as well as Applicature and milestoneBased, and was previously design specialist for Zokyo, and Letzgro.

Anastasia Yermolova

Ana is the Head of Acceleration program at Applicature and Mempool Ventures. She curates the growth of the Web3 startups under the Applicature's consortium of companies and implements comprehensive strategies on the business development, fundraising and token launch. She also poseses an extensive network of launchpads, VCs, and influencers to support projects along their journey in the Web3 space.

Some of Our auditors









Our Manager

Contact our business team for making a pro-bono quotation or to get details about the workflow and security processes. We are waiting for your query and always happy to assist and secure!

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